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Facebook, Instagram Back Online: Outage Caused by Technical Flaw Not Hacked. – Facebook

We all woke-up and couldn’t access or heard that Facebook and Instagram had been down for about and hour across the globe denying it’s billion of user access to the social media sites. After a quick check we found out that other social media site like Tinder and Hipchat who depends on Facebook for connectivity were also affected. Users worldwide ... Read More »

Facebook’s New Year Gift: Simplified Terms and Conditions

facebook new privacy policy

Today 1st January, 2015 Facebook says bye-bye to the bamboozling long and complicated jargon tagged ‘Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions’ that requires one to have multiple law degrees to understand. In response to users complains and enquiry on how they get and use information, Facebook in November, 2014 announced they were updating their terms and policies on January 1, ... Read More »

Why SQL injection attacks are successful

SQL is being hammered by bad guys. Why is that, and is there anything that can be done to fix the situation? A recent Ponemon survey about SQL injections and potential solutions are discussed. SQL has been around since the 1970s, so one would assume all vulnerability bugs in the language have been eliminated. Yet, there are still numerous reports of ... Read More »

Advanced Evasion Techniques wreaking Havoc on network security

In the never-ending war against security breaches, attackers gaining the upper hand by unleashing zero day attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other rapidly evolving threats. The nefarious types looking to compromise network security are getting craftier at their trade. Case in point is the rise of Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs), which obfuscate malicious code by slicing and dicing it ... Read More »

Solving the clouds inherent conundrum

Cloud services can be a security nightmare for IT admins. SAML can solve the problem and protect cloud-based data. Security and cloud are two terms that are rarely heard together, simply because so few have faith in the pairing of those two elements. Yet, security has become one of the most important elements in any cloud-enabled enterprise. Nowhere is that ... Read More »