Monday , 21 January 2019
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How to Disable Touch Screen on Windows 8.1

At some point you may want to disable the touch screen on your Windows 8 laptop/desktop to strictly use the conventional mouse and keyboard. Whenever that need come, Windows 8 has no built-in option to turn off the touch screen; however, there is a quick turnaround. Simply follow these steps to disable your windows 8 touch screen feature: First, go ... Read More »

How to Install Windows 10 on Your PC

Are you ready to try out the new windows operating system “Windows 10”? Here is a step-by-step instructions, though it’s just like installing every other version of Windows. If you have already installed the earlier preview version of Windows 10 but want to try Cortana and all the new stuff in the January build immediately, open PC Settings > Update and recovery ... Read More »

Disabling USB Drive for Windows

Sometimes we want to restrict users from using USB drives on our systems for fear of virus infection, data access or other security and privacy reasons. An employee in a bank performs his/her work without being able to transfer data into a USB drive for whatever reason due to the bank’s security & privacy. As a home or office computer ... Read More »

Tweaking Power options in Windows 8.1

A friend of mine who has been an adamant Windows 7 user recently purchased a Dell laptop running Window 8.1. He had heard that of all the recent versions of desktop Windows, Windows 8 was one of the most battery-friendly operating systems of all time (his terminology). As such, he decided that he was going to spend the first week ... Read More »

How to turn your Android Phone or iPhone into a personal HotSpot

Dave writes: If I don’t have a Wi-FI connection in my office, can I use my iPhone and connect to the Internet via its cellular network? If so, how? Hi Dave! Yep, you sure can. Indeed, it only takes a few taps to turn your iPhone—or your Android phone, for that matter—into (essentially) a portable (or “personal”) Wi-Fi hotspot that piggybacks onto your ... Read More »

5 easy word tips that every user should know

Even new users catch on to Word’s easy-to-use interface and can start entering and formatting text quickly. As you learn, you’ll stumble upon shortcuts that make your daily work even easier. Here are five tips that I use frequently when working in Word. None of these tips are new, which is why I’m always surprised to hear a user exclaim ... Read More »

Android Tips

So, you’re sitting at your laptop when the thought flits through your mind: Gotta get some milk on the way home. Cannot. Forget. But then you remember that your Android phone is in the other room (so far away!), and you get a little lazy. After all, you’ll remember the milk when you see the store, right? Well, good news for those ... Read More »

Secure iPads and iPhones with JAMF Casper Suite

JAMF Casper Suite aims to make mobile device management easier for businesses and educational institutions. JAMF Software is out to make mobile device management (MDM) easier to use with the latest release of JAMF Casper Suite targeting both education and business customers. I had the opportunity to get a demo of JAMF Casper Suite early last month, and recently spent some time checking ... Read More »