Monday , 21 January 2019
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Why experts are nervous about the internet of things

The Internet of Things is upon us. A panel of security experts offers their insight into what they feel is right, and what they consider wrong with the newest technology. Security experts liken the Internet of Things (IOT) to a rudderless ship, and the ensuing lack of direction makes them nervous. Three SMEs shared suggestions on how to avoid issues ... Read More »

Advanced Evasion Techniques wreaking Havoc on network security

In the never-ending war against security breaches, attackers gaining the upper hand by unleashing zero day attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other rapidly evolving threats. The nefarious types looking to compromise network security are getting craftier at their trade. Case in point is the rise of Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs), which obfuscate malicious code by slicing and dicing it ... Read More »

The mad scientists of 3D printing: How MadeSolid is remixing the formula

  Two lawyers and a HR manager walk into an elevator. In a corporate office building in Emeryville, California, they are joined by young startup founders who squeeze into the elevator, wheeling a 500-pound chemical drum behind them. The chemical peddlers’ destination is the fifth floor, where an office and a laboratory host the remainder of their team. They’re delivering ... Read More »