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Now You can Converse with a Group, Privately and Share Videos on Twitter

Now You can Converse with a Group, Privately and Share Videos on Twitter

A few months ago, we mentioned some features coming soon, and today we’re excited to start rolling out two of them: group messaging and a new mobile video experience. – Twitter

In an apparent effort to make the social media platform more appealing to use, Twitter is rolling out two new features: private group messaging and the ability to shoot, edit and post up to 30 seconds videos directly through the Twitter app with instant playback.

Last Novembtwitterer Twitter’s CEO said they will soon offer a way for people to privately send messages to a group of people, as well as to expand its video offerings. To that end, the company is rolling out new messaging and mobile video tools Tuesday. These features will be offered to customers on most devices, including those from Apple and those powered by Google’s Android operating system. And all that editing and sharing happens within Twitter so there’s no need to swipe out of the app and over to your phone’s camera or YouTube.

Unlike Twitter’s Vine app, which is a totally separate app for sharing six-second videos, this is baked into Twitter. Video thumbnails will show up in users timeline, but they won’t autoplay like videos in Facebook’s news feed.

For advertisers this offers another way to reach consumers by paying to promote video tweets. Brands already have Twitter’s Amplify program, and the ability to upload longer-form video content. But now that video will be populating users news feeds, this is yet another way to get video ads—which are considered of more impact, and more expensive than traditional mobile ads—in  consumers.

Secondly there is the private group messaging feature which works just like any other group-messaging application, letting you add up different people to chat behind closed doors. It doesn’t matter, either, if the people you invite don’t follow each other, but each one will be notified when they’ve been added to a group and when a message has been sent.


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