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5 Things WhatsApp on Desktop Can’t Do – At least for Now

5 Things WhatsApp on Desktop Can’t Do – At least for Now

The long awaited desktop version of was greeted which much excitement when it was finally unveiled, introducing a way to access the service on a PC. However, there are several limitations attached to it as the interface is limited to a particular web browser, among others.

1. Your Phone Must be Connected to the Internet Throughout

whatsapp2After pairing your smartphone with WhatsApp’s web client through a QR code image, you’ll be able to send and receive messages through your browser.

However, your phone must have an active internet connection throughout for the web client to work. The implication of this is that not only does your phone have to remain on, it also use up your data at both end. The question now is, what if your phone runs out of charge or better still loses data connection?

2. Only Support Chrome Browser

For those of you who doesn’t use Google Chrome, think-again! Because WhatsApp’s web interface only supports Google Chrome. So if you use Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, you’re out of luck.

Even though a number of IT environments restrict the use of applications not approved by admins coupled with individual preferences, WhatsApp’s justification is that Chrome’s push technology is better.

Considering Microsoft’s investment in Facebook which owns WhatsApp and Google (the developer of Chrome) a direct competitor of Facebook, it’s surprising that the service doesn’t support Internet Explorer.

3. Doesn’t Support iPhone

whatsapp3According to WhatsApp, the millions of iOS user can’t use the desktop version of WhatsApp because of the Apple’s platform limitation. At this time, WhatsApp for web which essentially syncs messages between your smartphone and browser via its servers does not support the iPhone.

For the time being, if you use WhatsApp on iPhone you will have to keep on peeping into your phone every now-and-then even if you are in front of your computer.

4. Can’t Block Users

With the rise in the number of spam messages on WhatsApp, the blocking feature is very handy – unfortunately, the web version does not offer it. For you to block users, you still need to go to the WhatsApp mobile app.

5. You can’t Create or Leave Group

While you can send and receive messages from groups you’re a part of, the WhatsApp web client doesn’t let you create new groups or leave existing ones. You also can’t send broadcast messages via the web client – a feature i will personally love to utilize on PC.


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